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UX rules NOT respected on your website.

Title Attributes are not implemented properly on page

Your page not showing title attribute on anchors, or anchor titles are not implemented correctly in whole page. User Experience is how users understand hyperlinks on page, the best way to do that is to give users a link description.

Some of your <A> tags are empty or contains invalid or blank links

This affects the visibility of system status. The user could see a link because of the pointer, but he can't click on it, that's frustrating. Double-check and change all the invalid links on your page.

Seems like your website doesn't use async loader for content

This affects the visibility of system status. If your website loads data asynchronously it's a best practice to make visible to users a loader image. If you are using correctly a loader in every section of your website skip this notice.

Your Website use forms, but your submit buttons text are too long.

Be short and specific. Buttons that contains "submit" actions has more probability to be clicked by users if text in it is short. This is important for usability reasons.

Your Website use pop-ups, that's annoying

Avoid pop-ups, User Experience will be better, and users will stay more on your website. That's definitely good in order to improve UX.

Too many links and (CTA) Call to action in your website

Too many links placed in a single page can be confusing for users. Double-check and reduce/remove useless links. Focus on which path users prefer.

Main (CTA) call to action and core features are not appearing above the fold of the page

"Above the fold area" of a website is the first thing user sees. Make sure that a main Call to action is visible and menus and features are reachable by users.

Errors not handled

When error occurs on your website, users may don't get a visual match of the error. This can be confusing for users mainly in contact forms, data forms, and in search forms and uncorrect URLs. If your website handles correctly all these kind of issues skip this notice.

Navigation directions not showing on the page

Our analysis of your page revealed that you don't use direction icons. In case of image galleries, carousel or horizontal listing users need icons (Example: Back, Next, prev buttons). Check if your contents needs icons to be understandable for users or skip this notice.

Placeholders missing in input fields

Placeholders helps users to understand how to fill correctly an input field on forms. Add placeholders to your input forms to make filling forms a lot easier.

Placeholders too long

UXrank found input fields with placeholders using too much text. One of the best practices is to make it short and understandable for users.

Mobile viewport not identified

Your website seems not developed to support mobile and tablet. If your website is mobile friendly skip this notice, otherwhise you should integrate this feature.

Several table tag found in your page

Your website respect HTML5 semantics, but UXrank analysis revealed some tables probably used for graphical purposes. This affect mainly your SEO indexing. Please ask your developer to double-check and use HTML5 standard only. If your page uses tables for data purposes skip this notice.

No logo found in header. Check logo positioning

If your website has a logo and it's correctly contained and showed in header skip this notice.

Too many menu items

Your website shows a menu with too many elements. One of the best practices to guarantee and ease navigation for users is to focus on visitor path with few menu elements. Double check your website and focus on its Information Architecture in order to obtain a lighweight menu. Users love simple menus.

No use of headings

Check your on-page content structure and focus on headings. Uxrank analysis has revealed lack of headings (h1, h2, h3). Using headings and format properly titles is important not only for search engines but for users as well.

FAQ section missing

Every website has a FAQ section to instruct users and help users to make their things on the website. If your website has commercial or technical features plan to add FAQs or useful documentation. Skip this notice if your website is for information purposes or if your website already got it.

Website is SLOW

Load time is probably the most important factor on website User Experience. Avoid progress bars and fancy loaders that annoy users. Ask your developers to load your page in less than 4 seconds.

Your Website Uses Flash

Flash components are deprecated and avoided by users. Flash is not rendered by all devices.

Page containing Iframes

Your Page contains many Iframes. Iframes are one of the worst solutions to offer functionalities because affects loading time. Please consider to embed data and contents with APIs or other methods.

Your Website has Direct Ads

Regarding User experience, direct advertising areas may annoy users.

Help and documentation not found in footer

Help and documentation sections missing in your website or not found in footer. Skip this notice if your website is for information purposes or if your website already got it.

Too many different colors in header

Colors in your website may be used without a schema. UXrank analysis revealed too many different colors in the header section. Colors help users to recognize and understand how the website works. Skip this notice if your header section is ok with this and you are using the right balance of colors.

Breadcrumbs not used

Breadcrumbs help users to find own's way on the website and understand its architecture. Users that find breadcrumbs above the fold increase session length and gives huge benefits to SEO optimization. Please consider to integrate breadcrumbs on your website. Skip this notice if you already got breadcrumbs on your pages

Information integrity issue

UXrank analysis revealed some difference from the page title of your website and the page content. Seems like keywords given in title are not matched on the page content. This affects SEO and user experience both.