User Experience rank - UXrank FAQs


What I can do with UX rank online tool?

With UXrank tool you can perform a quick arbitrary check on 25 five common usability rules that affects User Experience and track immediately what works or not on your website.

What is a "UX rank"

Modern search engines like Google use User Experience to rank websites, and improve yours is important to reach a good positioning on SERP (Search engine results page).

My website doesn't works

This is why you (or your developer) aren't using HTML 5 semantic code, this aspect will be very important soon, and Search engines give more value to websites that implement semantic code. Discuss about it with your Developer!

My rank is low but my website works well

I forgot to tell you: This is a BETA, basically a test, but we've tracked about 70% accuracy when revealing UX & Usability issues on webpages.

Cool, can I contribute?

Of course, if you are a Beta tester with UX & minimum web skills, welcome aboard! Just press the contact button!

If you find this useful or not, please give me a feedback in order to make it BETTER!